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Our Story

Valesco Genetics dedicates itself to identifying, acquiring, and distributing the best genetics available in the industry. Our parent company, Great Northern Ag, had been selling bagged seed for many years when they saw an opportunity to take on genetics distribution under the brand name Northern Superior Seeds. In 2006 the Northern Superior Seed Company began to work with plant breeders to ensure they could offer the best genetics available. In the meantime, Great Northern Ag started exporting more and more commodity pulses under the label Northern Superior Seeds.  
With the growth of both a commodities export and a genetics distribution program under the same name, it became clear that Northern Superior Seeds was stretching past its limits. After much consideration, Valesco Genetics was chosen for the genetics distribution division while Northern Superior Seeds was reserved for commodities sales. Rebranding as Valesco Genetics clarified our role as a genetics company and opened us up to a bigger market to ensure a wider distribution of our genetics in the industry. 

As Valesco Genetics, we continue to grow and develop with the high standards we have always been committed to. We continue our partnership with Great Northern Ag, which allows us to bring our high-quality pedigreed seed to associates. Great Northern Ag's years of experience in the agriculture industry help Valesco Genetics improve and advance while our partnership allows both companies to provide the best possible products for our customers. 

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