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Yellow Peas

AAC Chrome

A brand new 2020 yellow pea, AAC Chrome, is exhibiting extremely high yield potential. The medium-sized yellow pea has shown excellent resistance to lodging and powdery mildew as well as a durable seed coat and competitive protein levels. 

AAC Julius

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A medium-seeded, semi-leafless yellow pea with excellent lodging resistance, Salamanca is an early maturing variety with excellent seed quality. It is widely adapted and thrives across many of the pulse growing regions. Salamanca's very high protein, when combined with its high yield potential, make it desirable in the food and feed markets and reinforce its value to the producer. 

AAC Profit

A white-flowered, semi-leafless, medium-seeded yellow pea, AAC Profit offers the complete package with high yields, great standability, and high protein. AAC Profit has portrayed great adaptability as it has ranked right at the top in trials throughout the Midwest with maturity medium to late in most areas. It has also shown great height as well as lodging resistance along with an excellent disease package including powdery mildew resistance and an overall vigorous plant.

Green Peas


A medium-sized dimpled seed with tall plant height, Empire is a late-maturing green pea. It has excellent lodging resistance, average yield, and good bleach tolerance.


A small-seeded, early maturing green pea, Arcadia is top-yielding. It has good bleach tolerance and a rapid maturing rate. The short plant has average lodging resistance and performs well in dryer areas.

Specialty Peas


A very large-seeded marrowfat pea, Orka is a specialty pea for the food market. It has a 10% yield drag, but the premium paid for this variety can make up for its lower yield. Seeding it early and harvesting it on time is critical to managing this variety for the highest quality.


Shamrock is a medium-sized, dark green, wrinkled seed specialty pea with excellent resistance to lodging and great bleach tolerance. Shamrock is one of the highest yielding green peas and handles stress very well.

Faba Beans

SB14-24/ Felix

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A large-seeded, tannin type faba bean approved for export trade, Fanfare is high yielding and tall with excellent lodging resistance and pod height. It also has good tolerance to botrytis, better known as chocolate spot. 


Petite is a very small-seeded faba bean that is moderately late in blooming but matures more rapidly and uniformly than most varieties. The small seed and high yield potential make this faba bean an excellent cover crop or a great addition to a cover crop mix.


Boxer has the agronomic characteristics growers are looking for with excellent standability and good downy mildew resistance. It is a high yielding, low tannin faba bean with large seed size and good color, making it highly suitable for export.


CDC Kermit

A late maturing, small green lentil, CDC Kermit has moderate resistance to ascochyta blight, excellent color retention, and high yield potential.

CDC Greenstar

A sizable green lentil, CDC Greenstar has moderate resistance to ascochyta blight, excellent color retention, and excellent yield potential. 

CDC Redmoon

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