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A small-seeded yellow pea, Bridger is one of the highest yielding in trials across Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota. A top pea in lodging resistance, Bridger has excellent height and is one of the earliest maturing peas making it an excellent choice in areas prone to drought stress.


Widely adapted, Spider has been a top yielder in trials across the region and performs well under irrigation. 'Spider's resistance to powdery mildew, high protein profile, and early maturity make it a great yellow pea choice.


A large-seeded yellow pea, Navarro has excellent lodging resistance with above-average yield. In trials, Navarro has been the earliest flowering pea with an extended flowering period and early maturity- qualities that make it reasonably stress-tolerant. This variety fits nicely into a program with early seeding to spread out harvest and reduce risk.

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